MDF Board, Gesso, Oil Paint, Liquin


13.4cm x 13.4cm


Genetically Modified foods has a negative connotation within the 21st century. 

Yet, the invention of GMO is due to ever-growing consumer demand and market pressure of ‘Bigger, Better, Cheaper’.

For food companies to keep up with such demand they had to radicalise their product development. 

Animals and plants are no longer viewed as a living thing and life itself is viewed as a ‘by-product’ where they are manipulated to produce a better finished product or to simply just fit the packaging.

Chickens nowadays are no longer the same compared to the ones farmed before. Now-a-days chickens are bred to grown into slaughtering weight just with 5 -7 weeks.
The chickens are slaughtered in the equivalent human age of an 8 month-year old baby. 

The size of each painting is the equivalent space each chicken has inside a broiler-tunnel before slaughter. Due to the speed in which they grow and gain weight, many cannot support themselves to walk.

With the shorter growing time frame, these chickens grow twice as large as before, with extra large breast meat due to the popularity of that cut.

If nothing changes, maybe one day these squared chickens would be out there for sale to desperate farmers.